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Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo is the Capital of Uruguay. It was founded back in 18th Century. It was colonized by British, Spanish, Argentine, Portuguese, and Brazilians in 19th Century. This colonial background has a huge impact on its culture, music, architecture and gastronomy. Montevideo has been part of UNESCO Creative Cities Network in Literature since 2015. The city is like an open-air museum where people can enjoy various activities within the city. 

Mercado del Puerto is hub of Uruguayan traditional food and beverage. The torta frita, the pan-fired cake, the chivito, the Uruguayan sandwich, and the mate, an infused tea usually served hot, are the typical food found in Montevideo. 

The IASLC 2023 Latin America Conference on Lung Cancer will be held at Radisson Hotel Montevideo Victoria Plaza

Radisson Hotel Montevideo Victoria Plaza 

759 Plaza Independencia, Montevideo, 11100, Uruguay 

Radisson Montevideo Victoria Plaza is located in the historic Plaza Independencia where you can access to Ciudad Vieja (the Old City of Montevideo), and Mercado del Puerto (the Food Market where you can get some local cuisine) within a walking distance. The Rambla, known for its scenic coastal view, begins from Ciudad Vieja to the other end of city. You can also hire a bike to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the coastal road.  It has more than 20,000 square feet of meeting spaces, 3 on-site full-service restaurants and bars, an indoor swimming pool and 2 indoor fitness centers. 

Tourism Uruguay

Tourism Montevideo

For detailed information on activities, restaurants and useful tips, please visit the Descubrí Montevideo website managed by the Montevideo Tourist Association. 

The International Airport of Carrasco is the main airport for the city. It is 18 km from Montevideo’s city center and takes around 40 minutes from airport to Radisson Montevideo Victoria Plaza. You can get to Radisson Montevideo Victoria Plaza via the following transport methods: 

By Shuttle: Shuttles or Micro buses can accommodate up to 12 passengers located at the Arrivals Hall. You can purchase and reserve the shuttle online at 

By Taxi: The Carrasco Airport Taxi offers 24 hour customer service every day. Their office is located in the Arrivals Hall. You can get more information or book a taxi at 

By Uber: You can request a ride up to 30 days before your flight. The pickup point will be shown in the App. Please follow directions to meet your Uber driver. 

By Bus: The only public transportation in Montevideo is the bus. The main Bus Operators are COETC, COME, Cutsca, Raincoop, and UCOT. You can pay in cash or get the STM card.  

The app “Cómo ir” is an official bus trip planner app governed by Montevideo Administration.  It is useful to find out the route and real-time arrival / departure time. The app is available for download at Apple Store and Google Play. 

By Bike: Montevideo is an ideal city for cycling due to its ample flat terrain. You can get a bicycle rental easily with Orange Bike. In addition, the Bike Tours Uruguay supported by Ministry of Tourism Uruguay also offers bilingual guide (English and Spanish) with various tour routes available. 

By Taxi: Taxis in Montevideo are identified with the colors white and yellow. There is a night surcharge from 10pm to 6am. Not all taxis take credit cards. Be sure to get some cash on hands or ask the driver before hop on. Please visit for further details on taxi apps and phone numbers. 

By Uber: Uber is also a common transportation in Montevideo. Uber rates are similar to taxi fares in Montevideo. 

Montevideo has a moderate climate but humid. January is the warmest month with average temperature from 18°C / 64.4°F to 28.4°C / 83.1°F. However due to its high humidity, the heat index also known as “apparent temperature” could be above 31°C / 88°F. 

The currency used in Uruguay is Uruguayan Peso (UYU). The currency symbol is $. Bill comes in 20/50 /100/200/500/1000/2000 pesos. Coins come in 1 /2/5/10 pesos. 

Banks are open from Monday to Friday from 13.00 to 17.00. Some large shopping centers can also do currency exchange and they are open everyday from 09.00 to 22.00. 

US Dollar as well as VISA and MasterCard are also accepted in most of the large shops, supermarkets, and restaurants in Montevideo. 

Spanish is the official language in Uruguay. Although most hotels, restaurants and tourist spots have staff who can speak English in major cities like Montevideo, it will be helpful if you know some basic Spanish. Here are some useful Spanish greetings and phrases to get attention: 










Hasta Luego 

As-Ta Loo-A-Gos 

See you late 

Buenos Días 

Bway-Nos Dee-as 

Good Morning 

Buenas Tardes 

Bway-Nas Tar-des 

Good Afternoon 

Buenas Noches 

Bway-Nas No-Chays 

Good Night 

¿Cómo Está? 

Koh-Moh Eh-Stah 

How are you? 




Muy Bien 

Moo-E Bee-En 

Very Good 

Mucho Gusto 

Moo-Choh Goo-Stoh 

Nice to meet you 



Thank you 

De nada 


You’re Welcome 

Por Favor 

Por Fa-Bor 








Con Permiso 

Con Per-Mee-Soh 

Excuse me 



Pardon me 

¿Cóma Se Llama? 

Koh-Moh Say Ya-Ma 

What’s your name? 

My llamo …. 

May Ya-mo 

My name is… 

No Entiendo 

No En-Tee-En-Doh 

I don’t understand 

No Hablo Español 

No Ah-Blow Es-Pah-Nyol 

I don’t speak Spanish 

¿Habla Inglés? 

Ah-bla In-Glays 

Do you speak English? 

Lo Siento 

Lo See-An-Toh 


¿Cuánto Cuesta? 

Kwan-to Kwes-ta 

How Much? 

¿Dónde está el baño? 

Don-day Es-Tah El Bah-Nyo 

Where is the bathroom? 

There are various types of sockets used in Uruguay. It is highly recommended to bring a universal adapter with you even there is one socket type match with your country’s one. You might also need a voltage converter for your electric appliances. Please check the label to see if a converter is needed. 

Standard Voltage: 


Standard Frequency: 

50 Hz 

Power Sockets: 


Type C  

Type F 

Type I 

Type L 

Tipping is not mandatory in Uruguay, but 10% tips is generally given at restaurants and bars. For taxi drivers and hotel staff, it is common to round up the fares or leave around UYU 20 per trip/night.  

Montevideo is in the Uruguay Time Zone. From October 2, 2022 to March 12, 2023, Daylight Saving Time is applied. 


-3 hours 

CEST (ie Paris, Rome etc)

+4 hours 

GMT (ie London) 

+3 hours 

EST (ie New York) 

-2 hours 

MST (ie Denver) 

-4 hours 

PST (ie San Francisco) 

-5 hours