LALCA 2023

Press & Media

We welcome media to attend the IASLC 2023 Latin America Conference on Lung Cancer (LALCA23). Further information and details about media policies and embargoes can be found below.

Press & Media Registration


  • Journalists, including photographers, must work for the outlet for which they are credentialed (exceptions for freelance journalists are detailed below). Journalists who use their media privileges to work for non-credentialed organizations will have their privileges revoked. Journalists are required to complete the media online pre-registration form and submit the following:
    A letter of assignment on the letterhead of the news organization being represented.
    A photocopy of official press credentials, such as a press card issued by a recognized journalists’ association or a government-sanctioned press organization. The IASLC does not recognize press cards issued by web-based organizations such as IFNM and/or a business card issued by a recognized news organization.
  • Freelance journalists including photographers may work for multiple publications, as long as they confirm in advance that those publications are eligible for media registration. Freelance journalists must submit the following:
    A letter of assignment on the letterhead of the news organization being represented.
    A recent copy of the publication (a mailed copy, link to the publication’s website or a photocopy of a cover/issue published within the past 6 months).
  • Companies or organizations producing publications, videos, and other products intended for marketing, advertising, financial analysis, or public relations purposes may not register to attend the meeting as media. This includes any organization that intends to sell or distribute video recorded at the LALCA for monetary gain. Any organization filming video is required to use either the official conference backdrop or a co-branded backdrop (including the IASLC logo).
  • Financial analysts; sales, advertising, or marketing representatives; book publishers, and book authors may not register as media but are welcome to register as regular attendees.
  • Public relations personnel and individuals from communications, print, and online promotion services should register as a regular attendee (not as media).
  • Media are welcome to attend all general admission Scientific and Educational Sessions. These sessions may NOT be filmed or recorded for rebroadcast in any form. Ticketed sessions or those sessions requiring individual registration are not open to media.
  • All media representatives are required to pre-register for the meeting and must be credentialed by the IASLC before being officially registered.

Please read carefully as these policies have been updated for 2023, including:

  1. Press Release Policy
  2. Social Media
  3. Interview Policy
  4. Video, Photography and Audio Recording
  5. Live Coverage
  6. Presentation Slides and Poster Release
  7. Media List

Press Release Policy
Press releases that feature data or events involving the LALCA should include the full name of the meeting, specifically: IASLC 2023 Latin America Conference on Lung Cancer hosted by the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer. Further, we respectfully request that the release include the official conference hashtag: #LALCA23. To learn more, please visit

Social Media Policy
Organizations may use social media to disseminate news and information regarding abstracts being presented at the LALCA. Please use the IASLC's Latin America Conference hashtag, #LALCA23 in any social media posts. Members of the media are permitted to photograph and transmit/share on any social media platform any presentation's slides without approval from the presenter and/or the IASLC unless explicitly forbidden. However, authors retain the copyright to their full slide presentations and all copyright laws apply to the reproduction, distribution and/or publication of slides. Representatives from academic institutions are permitted to share slides.

Interview Policy
Media organizations filming a large amount of video content must contact the IASLC in advance [email protected] and must meet the following requirements:

  1. All filming must take place in one designated spot (contact the IASLC for that location).
  2. No filming of sessions is allowed.
  3. All filming must be done in front of backdrop which includes any of the below linked images of the IASLC logo. This may be co-branded to have your logo as well, as long as the IASLC logo is visible in the final footage.
    1. IASLC Logo 1(Download)
  4. All filming must include the official name of the conference “IASLC 2023 Latin America Conference on Lung Cancer” in the questions asked of the interviewees, and acknowledgement must be given to the fact that the interview was conducted at LALCA.
  5. Any footage placed on your website must include a reference to the IASLC Latin America Conference on Lung Cancer.
  6. If possible, you may also include the conference hashtag: #LALCA23

Video, Photography and Audit Recording Policy
Photography, videotaping and audio recording are allowed for news coverage only in the following areas/events:

  • IASLC designated locations
  • Recording in common areas requires permission and/or an IASLC staff escort

Live Coverage Policy
We welcome the coverage of the event. Please contact us ahead of time to arrange this. An authorized representative of any press vehicle requiring electrical service or external cabling must be available to coordinate logistical detailed with the IASLC. Live coverage is restricted to designated areas or an area approved by IASLC staff and is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Presentation Slides and Poster Release Policy
All presentation slides including audio or video recordings as well as the electronic poster files will be released in the virtual meeting within 24 hours after the presentation. Presentation copyrights are held by presenters. Requests to use copyrighted presentation materials should be cleared with the appropriate presenter.

Media List Policy
The IASLC does not release media lists for the IASLC Latin America Conference on Lung Cancer.

For questions, please contact:

Chris Martin
VP Public Relations, David James Group
[email protected]
Phone: +1 630 670 2745

Jan Mazotti
Associate Director, Marketing and Communications
[email protected]

Failure to comply with these policies may result in the immediate revocation of any privileges of the current LALCA and for future IASLC events. The IASLC reserves the right to change these policies when needed without notice.